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Presidents Message

The Gonzaga Business Network is open to all alumni, parents of alumni, parents of current students and friends of Gonzaga.

Our members join for various different reasons, not all of them business related. They join:

•  To B2B network with others in the Gonzaga community or

•  To stay connected with fellow alumni, parents coaches, staff and administrators at regular GBN meetings or

•  To support the Career Fair held for our recent graduates by having a company table, performing mock interviews, being part of a panel discussion, or volunteering in the organization of the event

•  To support Gonzaga by volunteering for one of the GBN committees or

•  To financially support GBN and Gonzaga by being a Business Sponsor

We encourage those in government service, the military, the medical profession, the teaching profession, retirees and graduate programs to join and help our peers and recent graduates in the Gonzaga Community. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events.

Bo Fitzpatrick

GBN President

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